Hyprland x Waybar

I’m having trouble getting my icons to show up on waybar. I just get weird numbers/letters.

I have font-awesome in my config


(waybar.overrideAttrs (oldAttrs:{
mesinFlags = oldAttrs.mesonFlags ++ [ “-Dexperimental=true” ];

Im also having issues with the network and other related processes not showing…

did you find any solution because I’m also facing the same issue,
I do not know what is the reason but when I did install in configuration.nix the problem did not happen
but when I switched to home-manager waybar and all other application seems to be unable to use the icons font.

My issue was I didnt have the fonts proper installed within the config.


Let me know if you need some help, Ill try my best.

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I had the same issue when I was setting up waybar, and I, too, found that I needed to follow the good wiki link that @Umm posted.

Then I switched to a home-manager solution for fonts: fonts.fontconfig.enable. If set to true, then any font packages (such as font-awesome) that you put in home.packages will just work, and should appear in $HOME/.nix-profile/share/fonts/

My fonts config nix file:

}: {
  fonts.fontconfig.enable = true;

  home.packages = with pkgs; [

Also, unsure if this is necessary, but to be explicit, specifying the fonts in programs.waybar.style may help. For instance, something like:

font-family: "Arimo Nerd Font", "Font Awesome 6 Free";

And, of course, if you just use glyphs from your primary font (in my case, Arimo Nerd Font), then Font Awesome is not necessary at all. In other words, choose whichever fonts work for you.

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Thanks that works !
the issue was that I missed other fonts that I thought wasn’t necessary
to move from configuration.nix to home.nix
I thought font-awesome would be enough
anyway you have my thanks :slight_smile:

Excellent! That sounds a bit similar to my journey with getting waybar set up – all of my icons were in fact not font-awesome; I just had to get the other fonts installed (and change some glyphs that had been removed from my font of choice). Glad it is working for you!