I am unable to load latest version of citrix_workspace package

I’m proving unable to update my NixOS installation to the latest version of Citrix Workspace App that was recently committed to the NixOS package store:

On Sunday 17th March I attempted to update my NixOS installation to the latest version the same way I normally have:

  • Download the .tar.gz from citrix website.
  • Run nix-prefetch-url to add the .tar.gz to the package store. (ls | grep showed that the tar.gz did make it sucessfully into my local store.)
  • Rebuild my NixOS off the config.nix tree.


  • The rebuild was successful, but I saw no activity output about the nix store.
  • After rebooting, I went into citrix and checked the version - it was still my prior version (23.07).
  • When I did a garbage collection, the tar.gz was removed from the local store.

What am I doing wrong?


I guess you forgot to update your nix channel or flake.

What happens if you run nix-shell -p citrix_workspace_24_02_0 ?

Thank you, @michaeladler - that is exactly what happened.

I am maintaining my system via config.nix; I’m going to try to figure out having it pull citrix from the “unstable” channel.

See here for example: Build failure: citrix-workspace · Issue #292403 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

There are more ways to achieve the same result though :slight_smile: