I have to re-login whenever I use `r` in Alt+F2 (GNOME)

In GNOME, whenever I use r in Alt+F2, it cannot restart the shell but pops up a dialog saying that there is something wrong and that I have to re-login. Where will the crash logs be saved? How do I troubleshoot this?

I’m having the same issue since upgrading to 23.11 - this seems to affect X11 users. I am able to repo it in a vm with a barebones nixos-config containing GNOME and X11. At least one window needs to be open when restarting the shell for the bug to be triggered.

You can review the systemd journal messages for your login sessions since boot by running journalctl --user --boot. You will probably see Window manager error: Another compositing manager is already running on screen 0 on display “:1”. which seems to be related. You will not be able to obtain a crash dump / backtrace with coredumpctl in this case because gnome-shell is not segfaulting - it is terminating normally after encountering an error condition.

A similar issue has been mentioned here: Gnome 45 crash on restart in X11 session (#7050) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-shell · GitLab. However, even after applying the patch mentioned there I still have the issue. Upgrading to the latest in the nixos-23.11 channel that includes gnome-shell 45.3 also did not help.

Thanks. I will look at the journal messages and try the patch when I have time.

Yeah I do see this same error. Hope this will be fixed upstream soon.