I made some utilities and an easy installer for the project Nix Portable

I really liked nix portable (nix portable github) you don’t need root privleges for nix to be used. I decided to make it more user friendly by making Nix Portable Utils. Nix portable utilities contain Nix Portable Installers which supports both aarch64 and x86_64 and has user wide installers which only install for one user and doesn’t require root privileges and there are installers for system wide which makes it available for all users and requires root privileges. It also has uninstallers too which makes it easy to uninstall. I also created Nix-exec and Nix-ls which contains 3 commands: Nix-exec which executes a binary in ~/.nix-profile/bin, nix-abexec which executes a specific binary in any location, and nix-ls which lists everything in ~/.nix-profile/bin. Another utility that I’ve created is called Nix-Alias which contains 3 commands: nix-alias which sets a shortcut to a binary in ~/.nix-profile/bin, nix-abalias that links a binary in a specific location, and nix-alias-setup which adds source ~/.config/nix-alias' to .bashrc. The last utility that I will go over is called Nix-Setup. Nix-setup executes a config from /etc/nix-setup.conf. When you type nix-setup it uses the source command to execute code from /etc/nix-setup.conf. It could be used to have a set of commands such as nix-alias or nix profile commands that will add aliases and/or packages for a new user. Link: GitHub - dnkmmr69420/nix-portable-utils: utilities for the project Nix Portable

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