I really like emacs-anywhere. Is there a similar NixOS package for that? How hard would it be to package it for NixOS?


I really like this package called emacs-anywhere. The GIF on README is worth a thousand words. I have been using it on my professional computer, on a macOS machine.

It is available for Linux via sudo ..... Unfortunately, it is not available for NixOS - which is my OS on personal use.

1 - Is there an alternative in NixOS? Maybe a sharp script in .nix lang?

2 - How hard would it be to package this for NixOS?


I looked at the installer, you shouldn’t need sudo! It directly writes to $HOME.

On MacOS that might even work, as on MacOS that variable is preserved on sudo, that’s often source of root owned config folders…

In general that seems usable on nix OS, you might need to fix the scripts shebangs though, and reimplement the installer as it currently does a clone to HOME… Instead you’d need to copy to $out.

What I am not exactly sure about is, how to get the elisp files visible to emacs.

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If you struggle to figure it out, I’ve put it on my ever-growing todo list, so I might eventually package it too. This looks neat :slight_smile:

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