I removed myself as maintainer from many packages

I removed myself as a package maintainer from over 250 packages in treewide: reduce packages I maintainer by SuperSandro2000 · Pull Request #245063 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub .

If anyone wants to pick up those, feel free to send a PR.


Thank you for what you’ve done.

I decided to pick up a handful of packages that I am interested in maintaining


For clarification, and if you don’t mind answering: does this indicate any change in your involvement with the project, or you just don’t want to maintain those packages anymore?


If I am honest, I have accumulated some gruft over the last year(s?) and some of those packages I couldn’t even tell you (anymore) what they were doing actually.
3 weeks ago I also dropped ddclient which I maintained at best half-hearted over the last year and it kinda bothered me. Other things always had higher priorities, so I never fixed a significant caching bug in the last release from October.
I am still maintaining just above a 100 packages in nixpkgs and most of them I use directly or have high interest in them.
Also just yesterday I went through the almost 500 remaining GitHub notifications I still had, hopefully trying to keep them near zero and I already had over 100 today. I should probably more aggressively unsubscribe and unwatch from noisy things.
I hope I can use the extra time for the other fun and shiny hobbies.


thank you for all your efforts :slight_smile:

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