Idea: add link to nix source in packages search on homepage

Would be nice if there would be a link to the git code
where the package is defined

e.g. next to ‘Permalink to xxx’ button, add button ‘Read nix definition source’

The button would then also link to the correct git branch for that channel

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Who wants to create the NixPkgs GitHub issue ?
I’m tired of trying to find the definition.

Extra points if rather than just showing where it’s defined; it can show the full definition chain.
Sometimes packages are aliased multiple times & use a generic derivation to build multiple versions.

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This is a bug, though it will not be fixed in that implementation of the search.

The upcoming new search has that fixed, you can see here the field Nix expression has the link to the expression.

The current (and soon old) search had the same link, but the .json file it consumes lost the field since some recent changes.


How did you activate the new search ?

I was thinking of adding NixPkg search to my Chrome omnibar

It’s not finished yet, but close-to-be. Right now, use as an entry point.

Issues can be reported here.


@samueldr nice thanks.

Quick question:
why are all the packages now prefixed with nixos in the output.

nix-env -iA nixos.vim

It’s a hard issue. Nix outside of NixOS uses the nixpkgs channel name by default, while NixOS uses the nixos channel name.

@garbas would be the better person to answer why this was chosen.

If you check the previous packages explorer, in the stable channel you see nixos.*, while in nixpkgs-unstable, you see nixpkgs.*.