I'm being actively censored without reason... not impressed

Can someone tell the person censoring actively my posts , i’m not very impressed.

Who is it? is this new moderation team? if is they have gone too far this time.

apparently i;m not allowed to tell the truth about large corporate services, actively breaking bridges?

I swear to god , if you sensor another one my posts , i’m going to have to install guix.


i think anyone can flag a post as inappropriate so this has nothing to do with moderation team i’m sure

i don’t see anything inappropriate about your post… you raise some points and then share a very foss oriented opinion… maybe someone accidentally hit the button?


I moved this post to the moderation category. Since you’ve asked this publicly, I’ll respond publicly. You’re post was somewhat hidden in the UI because it was flagged as off topic by another community member. In this case, I disagreed, so the post should be restored now.

In general, I would advise you to slow down your posting a bit and maybe reread your draft post a day later. Some of your recent posts have come across as making a lot of assumptions about the state of things and raising questions or issues in tangentially related threads instead of starting fresh topics. Some of your posts recently have been flagged and I agreed with the flags and hid them.

Also, there is no new moderation team. There were some new members added months ago and some members left, but you make it sound like there was some major shift in membership recently when there was not.

If in the future you’d like to contact the moderation team privately about concerns, you can use the email in the code of conduct.


Then we wouldn’t get these great gems.


Ok, thanks for explaining everything clearly…

I know understand a little more about how the discourse instance is configured.

It seems that if 1000 people read the post, it takes 1 person ‘to flag it’ , which automatically gets hidden.

That might be done by design, or by accident…

but at least i know now.


I think I said elsewhere that the flagging -> hiding of posts functionality appears to lead to an increase in distrust. I think this debate here is another piece of evidence for this.

I think it just how the forum software works, and nothing personal, i doubt that single person (or small collaborating group) hiding every post is considered bullying. All you have to is unhide it. I think that works well.

I don’t think the moderation team declining my moderation requests and upholding those i find ‘disturbing’ is particularly problematic. That’s just life.

However, everything gets noted and i’m watching very very closely.

I’ve got some great news to announce soon, and a new RFC, which should be fun!

negative into a positive as they say.


However, everything gets noted and i’m watching very very closely.

That’s what I would expect from the nixinator! :smile:

Listen. And understand. That nixinator is out there.

Monitor the situation!

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