I'm offering dedicated Nix support via chat

I’m offering dedicated Nix support for a limited number of clients. Here’s how it works:

  • If you have a problem or question with Nix, NixOS, or Nixpkgs, send me a message
  • I will respond within an hour during business hours (~9am-9pm EST)
  • I’ll stay online with you until your problem is resolved
  • If we can’t solve it via chat, we’ll start a video call to work through it

To sign up or learn more, go here and message me from the chat box or register an account: https://simatime.com

My goal with this service is to provide an easier on-ramp for companies trying to adopt Nix. It’s not as expensive as hiring a full-time Nix developer or contractor, but you still get most of the knowledge via chat support to help you overcome the steep learning curve. And we can move into a development project if you need more support.

Questions or feedback welcome :slight_smile:


That looks handy, thanks. I could also suggest creating lessons on a platform like Udemy (or independently). I know at least 1 person who would be interested :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s a good idea, it’s on my list of something to do. I’m hoping to use this chat service as a way to learn what people need

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