Importing NUR home manager modules in nix flakes

I recently found this module in the NUR for configuring emacs with home manager and have been having some trouble setting it up with flakes. I tried to follow the NUR Flake Support section of the readme to import the emacs-init module. With this in my flake,

modules = [
        { nixpkgs.overlays = [ nur.overlay ]; }
        ({ pkgs, ... }:
            nur-no-pkgs = import nur {
              nurpkgs = import nixpkgs { system = "x86_64-linux"; };
          in {
            imports = [ nur-no-pkgs.repos.rycee.hmModules.emacs-init ];

I get an error that the attribute enable is missing in hm-modules/emacs-init.nix with a comment saying “collect the extra packages that should be included in the user profile.”
I have tried moving the import into the home manager specific imports with imports. I have also tried to include the module in home.nix as is suggested in the NUR readme section on integration with home manager. This has given errors about not being a pure import or an infinite recursion.

This is the only git repo I’ve found using emacs-init with nixflakes although after scouring nearly every file I haven’t been able to find where emacs-init is imported.

In my case I use:

nurNoPkgs = import inputs.nur { pkgs = null; nurpkgs = pkgs; };
imports = [ nurNoPkgs.repos.rycee.hmModules.emacs-init ];

and nur.overlay as an overlay.