So this is more of a rant than anything.

after now two days I finally got some shit working while I tried to get libusb1 working with code from a very old github repo. When I run that in a docker of ubuntu it worked fine with apt but in nix shell with different configs I could get it to work properly.
I mean among many other issues (and wrong understanding by me) I think it would helped if this:

would have shown up in the search when I enter usb or libusb or sth like that. I mean irc it does not show up at all when you enter those terms. So I stumbled upon its existens when searching the web and then I thought maybe it exists in nix. Also maybe, i dont know if this is useful, make libusb-compat a dependency of libusb1 then you even can install the new one and old code works.

Now I think about it probably still a bad idea.

Well at least I have learned sth about flakes, c builds the way nix-ld works and probably some thing more. nothing that helps me getting this: GitHub - tomvanbraeckel/logitech-keyboard-change-color: Automatically exported from
or this: GitHub - Leproide/Linux-G15-Daemon-Logitech-G110-: G15 Daemon + G15 Macro + Led Control for G110 and other Logitech keyboard on Linux

But if I am not mistaken I did try to install that g15 daemon stuff and so on but actually I don’t need it at all since everything already is in the nix packages. (except for that g110 patch that does what ever).

So now I still have no ligth on my g110 and i am angry about the

Edit: ok when you enter libusb it actually shows up in 5th place. Which means I am blind and dumb…

Hah, in fairness, the search ranking could probably be improved. Being able to add keywords and tags to packages might help.

I imagine things like this are already suggested upstream, the community just lacks manpower and organizational capacity to manage that manpower: Issues · NixOS/nixos-search · GitHub

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