Improving trial and error with Flakes and home-manager

I currently use Nix Flakes on NixOS which includes my home-manager
configuration by host. How can I improve the development experience
such that I dont have to logout and login over and over again to try
out new features?

Before using Flakes, I had a seperate home-configuration which I could
apply with home-manager switch and I was able to see the changes to
my home directory immediately.

Overall, I like it that I have to use only one command.

How could I improve the situation?

What specific things do you need to relog for? Most user services and such should still restart, even with the nixos module.

At the time of this writing I was adjusting my tmux configuration (via home-manager). But I assume that there are other modules which require re-logging in (not sure if this is true).

Tmux should at worst require re-opening, since its configuration is read from an rcfile, which will be replaced immediately on configuration switch.

There is probably something else wrong here, perhaps the specific commands/config you’re using?

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I don’t know. I think you’re right with the assumption that I did something wrong. I cannot reproduce my issue. Even commenting out plugins, followed by nixos-rebuild switch and restarging tmux works as anyone would assume and yes, the config file is this case the only thing that changes (no systemd involvment).

Thanks for taking the time to think about my issue!