In progress System76 kernel drivers help

I’m looking to polish my nixos setup on a System76 build and have started to consolidate all of the kernel modules and firmware here:

I’m pretty new to this level of futzing around in the kernel, however, so it would be nice to have an extra pair of eyes around how things like firmware updates should be handled in nixos, as well as questions like “how do I ensure that my kernel module gets built in the system76-dkms derivation instead of the thing I import in default.nix?”

I’m also a little fuzzy on hooking up systemd service files, but I figure I can dig through nixpkgs to find these kinds of answers.

Would anyone be willing to scan through these packages for me and give me a heads-up about gotchas? I still have to import (which seems a bit complex), and GitHub - pop-os/system76-power: System76 Power Management (which I think I’m only supposed to scrape and turn into a declarative nixos options – how do I do that?).

Sorry for the haphazard request!