In-tree or out-of-tree?

I created two Bash-based fetchers of the VSCode extensions, one fetches the VSCode Marketplace, and the other from the Open VSX Registry. They were initially made for the multiple-registry-support of VSCode extensions (Nixpkgs PR 121583), but can also be used under the current way of extension management. Since the initial PR still has a way to go, I plan to release these pre-fetching utilities first.

Would it be better for them to reside in the Nixpkgs source tree, or to host them inside an standalone (out-of-tree) repository and then fetch them into Nixpkgs?

They are currently inside Nixpkgs PR 161369. If it would be better for them to live out-of-tree, I’ll create a new repo and modify the PR.

Since it doesn’t seem like a lot of code and is closely tied to nixpkgs itself, having them in tree seems like less friction. We can always split them out if it becomes a problem.