Include .local/share/applications

Hi there

How do I include .desktop files which are located in .local/share/applications to be in the application launcher?
I think I can prepend $HOME/.local/share/applications: to XDG_DATA_DIRS, but I am not sure where to do that.
I found this Is there any way to modify an application's .desktop file?, but seems not to work for me.
I am not using home-manager.


Iirc that location should be in the data dirs by default.

The remaining details depend on the DE/WM and DM you use or other means of starting your DE/WM…

Yeah, it is the implicit value for XDG_DATA_HOME, launchers should always look there unless the variable changes the location to elsewhere.

Make sure that the desktop files are valid – the contents of Exec key (and TryExec, if present) must be executable.

And! Depending on the launcher you might need an explicit purge and rebuild of it’s cache…

Sorry, my bad, the actual problem is that I was placing some .desktop files under .local/share/applications/somefolder, somefolder being a symlink to a folder somewhere else, and that seems to not work.

EDIT: I don’t know why that is the case, but instead of symlinking a folder full of .desktop files, I created individual symlinks to the .desktop files with a script and that works for me for now

EDIT2: Thank you for the help and fast answers!