Increase OfBorg timeout

Is it possible to increase the OfBorg timeout in some cases? Or use a cache? I submitted a PR with a new package: clj-kondo: init at 2019.07.31-alpha by jlesquembre · Pull Request #66344 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub
It depends on graalvm, and looks like OfBorg is building graalvm before building my package. For that reason, I’m getting a time out.

There is meta.timeout for Hydra:

Not sure if ofborg supports it

@jlesquembre if your PR times out the current approach is to target the staging branch and let hydra handle the rebuild.

If you need hardware to test your changes then it’s a separate issue and I am sure we can also help you out.

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@jlesquembre I was planning on building that yesterday, but I was short on time because I wasn’t expecting it would require a lot of time to build :rofl:

Thanks for all the answers, learning a lot here :slight_smile:
@zimbatm In that case, I’ll update the PR to target the staging branch. Is it necessary to do anything else?
I can test it locally with my laptop, it just takes longer that the default OfBorg timeout. I don’t need extra hardware for it, but thanks for the offer

You can use GraalVM Enterprise (, it is just unpack.
Not a solution for ofborg so far it rejects building unfree packages

@jlesquembre if you don’t want to spam a lot of people it’s best to create a new branch, rebase it on staging and open a new PR from that one.

If you have merge rights, feel free to merge once you are confident about the changes (basically that they built and executed locally). Staging gets merged back into master once in a while so it will take time before your changes hit master.

I don’t have commit rights, but I’m confident about the changes (thanks @volth for your feedback on the PR). The package builds and I was running the binary for a week.
I guess it depends on @worldofpeace, if you can give it a try and merge it, it would be great, but if you prefer I can create a new PR against staging.

It’s not a mass rebuild change, it’s just a package that takes a while to build.
So I don’t think staging is needed, I can give this a try now :+1:

Edit: merged

@worldofpeace thanks a lot for trying and merging it. And also thank you for all your work related to nixpkgs. I totally understand that it can take time to get something merged, the number of new PRs is overwhelming, but I regularly see you helping with them :slight_smile:

I’m specially happy about this PR because, as far as I know, is the first binary build with graalvm on nixpkgs


Thanks for mentioning this. I do try my best to assist as much as I can, and it’s great to hear that I was able to help you :fireworks: