Increase post edit time limit on NixOS Discourse

As far as I could tell, it appears this Discourse is setup to only allow posts to be edited for a certain length of time. When a post is too old, it can no longer be edited.

I did a quick search about this, and this appears to be a Discourse setting that can be changed: Free to edit post at any time - feature - Discourse Meta

Would it be possible to bump the time-length that posts can be edited on this NixOS Discourse?

My reasoning is that I have some old posts that I refer people to, and I’d like to be able to update them with newer information. For instance:

It seems unfortunate to have to go back and create a whole new post when all I want to do is make some minor changes.

As for what to set the edit time length limit to, my suggestion would just be to set it as unlimited. In practice, I imagine this would be unlikely to cause any major problems (especially since the edit history is available).

One might want to make the argument that Discourse isn’t really the correct place to make posts that contain some sort of “canonical” information. This type of information should go other places (like the NixOS Wiki, the Nix manuals, etc).

I don’t necessarily agree with argument, since I think Discourse is a nice low-friction way to start out with communicating something. But I can still understand the sentiment.


You could make the post a wiki or ask a moderator to do it for you.


I’m not super concerned about the post I linked to in particular, but instead getting the settings changed on this NixOS Discourse so that it works better for everyone.

Although that is a good idea about reaching out to a moderator for help if I decide I really need to edit that post!

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I don’t know for sure, but I think the reason this limit exists is because there is a type of spam where someone posts something that seems legitimate but then changes it to a spam link a few months later. Is there a case you can think of where the wiki post doesn’t work?

It looks like maybe this feature only affects Trust Levels 0,1,2.

@cdepillabout is Trust Level 3, so what error message are you getting when you try to edit a post?

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Tl2+ includes TL3, so after 43000 minutes noone can edit their post’s unless they are moderators.

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:man_facepalming: I missed the + there. Thanks!


I set it to allow edits forever for tl2+.

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I’ve confirmed that I now have the ability to edit some of my really old posts, including the one linked above.

Just for clarification, I took a quick look at this yesterday, and it appears that I also didn’t have an option to turn an old post into a wiki post. I imagine the time limit for editing posts also applies to changing posts into wiki posts.

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