Inexplicable iced-rs app crash

I’ve been working on this desktop app, made with iced-rs, since before my switch to NixOS. Previously, on Debian, it was able to run fine under both wayland and x11. However, on my current machine, neither it nor any iced app runs for more than a second before ceasing to respond (I get a DE popup for “not responding”, and have to force quit).

Here’s the thing: a NixOS friend of mine isn’t having this problem. He took the same package file for my app and ran it successfully on Plasma 6 wayland (the same DE i’m using).

There are two key differences here: I’m on a NVIDIA card and he isn’t, and we have different OS configs. As I mentioned earlier, I was able to run iced apps fine under wayland on debian, so I think the most likely culprit is something in my NixOS config.

Can you think of anything that could cause this discrepancy?