Infrastructure engineer @ Arista Networks

Our team is hiring an engineer with Nix / NixOS experience to improve our shared infrastructure and developer tooling at Arista Networks. You may know of our Haskell + Nix team from some of our public contributions such as:

To provide some context, our shared infrastructure is built and maintained using Nix / NixOS and our developer tooling and services are built using Haskell. While this position will likely use both languages it will be primarily focused on Nix / NixOS. So experience with Nix is a requirement whereas Haskell experience is only a nice-to-have; we’ll teach you Haskell if necessary.

Some example things you’d likely be doing right after joining are:

  • Upgrading our use of Nixpkgs so that we can open source and upstream more of our work
  • Building out our continuous deployment pipeline (built using NixOS)

Note that we formerly worked for Awake Security which was acquired by Arista Networks last year. To answer a common question we get: even after the acquisition the Awake Security subdivision of the company is still building out the same product and operates fairly autonomously just as before the acquisition.

You can find the full job description with more details about our team and the specific responsibilities here:

I’ll also answer any questions you might have in this thread. I try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to hiring.