Install KDE Themes

I have successfully installed KDE themes through nixpkgs. And now, I have tried installing KDE themes through Settings, but the theme isn’t installed anywhere even after it is marked as ‘Installed’. I am not familiar with KDE or NixOS enough to know what options or pkgs I need to use in order to enable installing through Settings. Is this even possible? Where should I start?

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Usually when you install themes through the settings, they are saved into various locations in your home directory.

I am not in front of nixos desktop at the moment but I can test it in a few hours and see if it is working for me.

I can duplicate your error.

No matter which theme you try to install, this happens:

kpackagetool5 -t Plasma/LookAndFeel -i /tmp/com.github.vinceliuice.Layan.tar.xz
Error: Installation of /tmp/com.github.vinceliuice.Layan.tar.xz failed: Could not install dependency: 'kns://colorschemes.knsrc/'

It fails to install the dependencies.

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