Installation fails on xps 13 9315


I just received a new xps 13 9315 (i7 1250u). Before running my flake, I wanted to quickly try a basic 22.11 installation via the graphical installer and I encountered some issues:

Gnome 22.11 iso: Installation successful, but only able to boot into console after rebooting.
Plasma 22.11 iso: Unable to boot on the live usb, black screen after grub.
Gnome unstable iso: Installation successful, reboot, black screen after grub.

I’ll investigate further later, I’m just posting here if anyone has encountered a similar issue.


I have an XPS 13 9370 i5 and needed to go to BIOS (press F2 immediately after booting) then change the setting under Security Settings Secure Boot Mode from [Deployed Mode] to [Audit Mode] save the changes, reboot and this did the trick for me to boot into the installer USB media just fine. I imagine it may be slightly different for other Dell models, but a similar process all around.

I’m on a XPS 9315, running 23.11 stable and everything works beautifully - with Secure Boot disabled. (Just had a minor annoyance with the mute key indicator light being always on but there’s a workaround for that.)

EDIT: Just realized the original post here is over a month old. Huh.