Installation hangs on Lenovo Thinkpad T490

Need help getting Nixos installed on my Thinkpad T490. I have downloaded the iso for Nixos 22.11 and attempted to install using all the different installation methods but they hang at some point in the process. The only installation method that I was able to get some traction with is when using the nomodeset option. With that, I am able to get to the installer screen, enable my wifi connection and complete the installation process.

After the installation process finishes, I am prompted to restart my laptop but now my laptop hangs at different times during the initialization process. Sometimes it hangs while “Starting Create Volatile Files and Directories” or after “Finished mount-pstore.service” or “Starting Network Time Syncronization”. This leads me to believe that it’s not failing on any of those services but It’s probably failing with something else and it just hangs at different times during the boot process.

Anyhow, I have been reading a few other posts to see if I can understand what may be causing this issue but after three days of troubleshooting, I figured I’d ask to see if someone else has experienced the same issue on this particular laptop.


I wrote over here about my similar experience yesterday. I think there may have been a broken kernel release last week fixed with a new release today – at least for kernel v6.2.

Possibly you can get your system to work by specifying a particular kernel version with boot.kernelPackages = pkgs.linuxKernel.package.linux_6_2; or similar.

You can read more about that in NixOS Manaual, Linux Kernel.

I hope this helps.