Installation: Oh no, something went wrong

Hello Nix community!

Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS
on VPS w/ CloudPanel.

Installing Nix as sudoer (running with normal privileges):
sh <(curl -L --daemon

Error at:

---- sudo execution --------------------------------
I am executing:

    $ sudo cp /etc/bashrc /etc/bashrc.backup-before-nix

to back up your current /etc/bashrc to /etc/bashrc.backup-before-nix

cp: -r not specified; omitting directory '/etc/bashrc'

---- oh no! ----------------------------------------
Oh no, something went wrong . . 

Resolved by:

sudo mv /etc/bashrc /etc/bashrc.d
sudo cp /etc/bashrc.d/bashrc /etc/bashrc

Good luck!

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Yep, your bashrc is a directory rather than a file, which the installer does not expect. I’ve never seen that before either, is that default configuration? If so probably worth writing an issue about this upstream.

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