Installation problems

I’m trying 3 times already (and this is only today!) To install this system, I’ve already checked everything several times (and I confirmed the new password!), But after reboot the system requires a username and password!
And, whatever I enter - nothing suits.
I’m already really fed up with this OS and I don’t want to install it anymore, but … I’m still very interested - what does this system really want from me?
I have never seen anything like this anywhere in any OS, so that the system does not allow you to go further.
Someone will say, what am I doing wrong?

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Generally speaking, you should use the username root and the password you specified at the very end of the installation process.

Alternatively, you can create a user in your configuration.nix and supply a hashed password. However, that isn’t required. If you want to try that instead you can do it like this:

  users.users.dalto = {
    isNormalUser = true;
    hashedPassword = "$6$sxrNsu3.EwRXYAAG$flowzjKcDepdPSqA5d4Y6y/HzupxndqmrcjwExbR7H05PgAOo91Q2yXGsdmavXRZpM8ROEcN9pVNhnmZA2NIo.";
    extraGroups = [ "wheel" ]; 

To generate the password hash you use mkpasswd -m sha-512, for example:

$ mkpasswd -m sha-512 password

if you ran nixos-install as a part of NixOS - NixOS 21.05 manual. then it should set the root password. You may have to log in as root once, and set your user’s password, or use @dalto 's recommendation above if you want as a part of your configuration.

Also make sure that you’re booting into the correct partition upon restart.

I’ve had to ran through this process ~3 times because I was playing around with zfs on boot, and can verify that the process works for the 19.09 and 20.03 install images.


Hard to say when you haven’t told us what you’re doing. :stuck_out_tongue: What commands to you use to perform the installation? What does your configuration.nix file look like? What kind of hardware are you using?


Hi dalto,
Thanks for the password hint, I didn’t know that.
I will do it next time.
Thanks again

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Hi jonringer,
I will do it(root) next time as you and “dalto” advised.
Thanks for your help