Installation Woes - Internet Connection Warnings

I am using the minimal 22.05 ISO + graphical installer (nice!). A hardware PC and good internet connection behind corp proxy

Firefox works no problem etc. I can curl etc.

But the installers complain about the internet (the minimal installer does seem to download a lot).

An earlier minimal installer worked no problem iirc.


Yeah, flaky internet. Just retry. And yes, the NixOS iso does not contain to much and is more like a netinstaller.

This might be the problem. Maybe your nix-daemon doesn’t have the proxy settings? Try this here: roaming laptop: network proxy configuration · Issue #27535 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub


  • I checked on the machine and the DL speed is 300Mbits. Only slowed down by some QoS setting on the network…

  • I ran into this problem a few times over the years, it amazes me how easy live CDs are, and how difficult a real installation is : / Kinda frustrating : ) So close, but so far!

I followed the instructions in the link, it doesn’t help in my case.

Interestingly some modules do download at the beginning (maybe 2) but it seems to get stuck on a module.

I see the installer is trying to connect to Unsure whether this is a factor.

I got it working by running the installer from the CLI: calamares. Must be a bug.

Now the installer GUI looks stuck. I hope it’s building in the background (CPUs are doing something, I cannot see any other feedback).

I ran into what I suspect are other proxy-related problems with the official installer.

But I found this which is an excellent alternative:

It leans into the NixOS way of configuring things. I will avoid official installers from now on in favour of this technique.