Installing Nix on SteamDeck

Has anyone with SteamDeck found a nice (hopefully non-invasive) way to get Nix package manager installed for its desktop mode?

Update: SteamOS 3.5+ come with /nix directory preconfigured and the default single user installation instructions should work OOTB.

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I’ll try to go with

  1. sudo steamos-readonly disable
  2. sudo mkdir /nix
  3. sudo steamos-readonly enable

And then bind mount a folder from user home onto /nix and run single user install.


A bit late to the game, I know, but now that /nix is included by default on the Stable channel of SteamOS 3.5.5+ have you run the single-user installer for that?
Do you know where the configuration.nix file is?

Preconfigured /nix is just a bind mount from /home/.steamos/offload/nix to /nix, but that should make it single user nix installation and use work by just following the usual instructions without need to touch steamos-readonly-settings.

Personally, I just moved store end var from my previous nix mount directory, everything remained working and now SteamOS updates no longer remove /nix, because it is there by default.

I wiped everything, installed Nix, and use: