Installing Nixos on a Sandisk Ibi

My wife has a Sandisk Ibi “personal cloud” which Sandisk has EOL’d and basically no longer works. All the photos that were on it have been moved and are safe, and now I’m considering trying to get my own OS and software on it so we can continue to use the HW.

I’ve done a little bit of research so far. This indicates the device is based on a Realtek RTD1295 SoC, and there seems to have been some amount of progress from the mainline Kernel supporting it (although it’s difficult for me to assess how complete or incomplete that support is).

I realize this is maybe only NixOS adjacent more than a direct NixOS question, but things I’d love input on from people more familiar with the Kernel and/or the RTD1295:

  1. Is this target reasonably well enough supported that I’m not completely wasting my time trying to get Linux on it?
  2. What is a rough outline of what installing Linux on this would look like? Do I need to set some special Kernel options to build a custom installer, or do I just need to figure out how to get the Ibi to boot into a standard AArch64 installer and then it can figure out the rest?

Realize this is a very open ended question, and I’m not expect or asking for exhaustive detail. I can figure a lot out for myself, but would appreciate a jump start in the right direction!