Installing tuxedo-keyboard drivers

I recently switched to nixos and mostly ported my configs except for tuxedo-keyboard drivers, on my previous system I installed them this way:

git clone https://github .com/tuxedocomputers/tuxedo-keyboard ~
cd ~/tuxedo-keyboard
make && sudo make dkmsinstall
sudo modprobe tuxedo_keyboard

currently the keyboard backlight works until I close the lid, then it goes dark. I tried using

hardware.tuxedo-keyboard.enable = true;

but this caused to make my keyboard go dark on system boot instead of on closing lid, I also tried to play with these configs provided in man configuration.nix:

boot.kernelParams = [

but I haven’t had any success with those either.
Also note that I’m not using tuxedo laptop but gigabyte G5 instead, I haven’t had any problem with these drivers on previous system though

Perhaps it’s because the packaged version is too old.
Currently in nixpkgs it is on 3.2.7, but upstream is at 4.2.2

Personally, I don’t have any problems, but my Tuxedo Pulse Gen 1 is an “older” Model that is supported by that Version.

So I’m gonna have to package the new version myself?