Installing Window Maker doesn't install dockapps for some reason

I decided to try out Window Maker after seeing some pretty screenshots, and discovered that you don’t get things like a tray or a time display there unless you use dockapps – they’re special apps that show all this info on its own icon in the dock. I’ve checked the repos on, and I couldn’t find any of them, so I assumed they weren’t there yet. But then I checked the source code for the Window Maker .nix script…

and they’re there (don’t mind the commit strings, this is the NixOS 23.11 branch)
I assume that the Nix magic here is supposed to carry them through as NixOS installs Window Maker, but it didn’t do so for me. Is this some sort of unnoticed bug, am I supposed to add some extra code to my configuration.nix, or am I not getting something? I’ve looked up nix passthru, but instead I think I found some dense nixpkgs documentation instead.

i don’t know the proper way to install these packages but packages are just regular attribute sets with some specific format so you can access the dockapps via pkgs.windowmaker.passthru.dockapp.<app>

I added that to my environment.systemPackages, and it did work, thanks! Most of them were broken for other reasons though, but that’s another problem.

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