Installion of Mono Develop

I am new to the field of NixOS. Before that I worked mainly with Ubuntu.
The few software I have used so far I could install quite easily.

Only currently it fails because I would like to install Mono Develop. Since it is currently not available in the sources I downloaded it and wanted to compile it myself.
Unfortunately I get the error that I need Mono 4.0 or higher. I added mono4 in the configuration.nix but that didn’t seem to solve the problem.

Can someone help me how to get Mono Develop installed?

Sources for monodevelop are available here
dont know how to deal with mono in nixos, so this is as far as i can help you sadly…
did you tried to create a shell.nix? it may help

i know, i download the tar ball and try to compile it, but i get the error that there is no Mono 4.0 or higher.
Currently i don’t use a shell.nix, because i don’t know what it is :wink:

Nixos is a hard to guess how it works system :slight_smile: I strongly suggest that you read some documentation - nix pills on the learn page at nixos site is great intro really. Good luck!

try with nix-shell -p mono, then you will have mono set up correctly in your shell and ready to use, you may need to have more dependencies after until the build process is happy.

After you got it working, you will want to write a derivation to build the package, it’s just a recipe listing inputs (packages) required to build the program, and then this could be sent to nixpkgs :slight_smile:

but small steps firsts, try with mono in your shell :slight_smile:

I try following comands in the same shell

  1. nix-shell -p mono
  2. ./configure

but i get the same error configure: “error: You need mono 4.0 or newer”.

I see monodevelop isn’t active since 2019, maybe our mono6 is too recent and not correctly recognized :thinking: this is the mono version you get with mono package.

what about nix-shell -p mono4 ?

I know, that’s why i try to compile it.
With nix-shell -p mono4 i get the same error.

./configure of Mono Develop tries to find existing mono installation using pkg-config.
By using pkg-config of NixOS, you’ll be able to find the dependency

To do that:

nix-shell -p mono4 -p pkg-config

You’ll then have other errors, telling which libs are missing.