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Dear NixOS discourse users!

I am currently completing my A-Level’s - an english qualification you complete before going to university. One major part of my computer science A-Level is a project, within which we find a problem and attempt to solve it. As an avid Nix user, I felt naturally attracted to doing something with Nix and hence I am making a Nix configuration manager.

As part of the project I will need to interview “end-users” about the project and its uses etc. I am wondering if any-one here would be happy to be interviewed, it would be carried out over email and consists of about 7 questions.

The project I would be asking about is a nixos configuration manager, it would decompose a configuration into a rooted tree from which a user interface would be presented to the user to edit the configuration. There would be a queue of operations from which the user can cancel changes before they are applied to the configuration. Hopefully this diagram may make this more obvious:

From this, tree traversals will be used to present the tree to the user in a simple TUI - with indentations representing different levels in the tree - from which they can edit stored variables according to the data type selected/implied, e.g. nixpkgs.config.allowUnfree could only be changed between true and false. From after the configuration would be rebuilt according to the changes made!

Of course I am happy to answer any questions!

Thanks, Max :slight_smile:


Hey Max,

Feel free to contact me isabel [at] isabelroses [dot] com. I completed my A-levels last year so I know the pain and am happy to help. And the program as a whole seems like an interesting concept.

Best of luck

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Please reply or pm me if you are happy to be interviewed, thanks!

Thanks Isabel!

I shall be in contact :slight_smile:

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