Intro talks / slides on nix

I’m planning to give an introductory talk about nix at $workplace. Before I start working on my own set of slides, I thought I’d ask if there’s a good deck that others have already used for this purpose.

After covering the basics (the core idea of isolated, reproducible builds that produce immutable artifacts; the nix language), I mainly want to emphasize how nix can help us provide reliable developer build environments that are “guaranteed” to work on everyone’s machines.

The code we’re building is Java, JS, and TypeScript, if that matters.



Here are couple I could quickly pull together:

Slides by Gabriel Gonzalez:
How to write a nix derivation
Nix internals

NixCon 2017 - A conference about Nix and NixOS has a bunch of links to slides


Just saw this on Twitter:
“i wish i’d had the introduction to nix that Chris is giving right now when i started using nix”

– I haven’t seen the slides (other than pictured there) but that’s a pretty strong endorsement. It says video will be available but the slides are probably available if you ask! Not sure if he has an account here or not.

Related Presentations/slides available to show of nixos · Issue #217 · NixOS/nixos-homepage · GitHub. Maybe those could be adde to a repo or on NixOS - Community

At fosdem @moretea [1] showed some slides to newcomers. Those are available

[1] does he have an account here? Posting via email.

@dtzWill looks like those slides are up at – thanks!


There’s also (German)

I also recently did a presentation for $WORK teaching Nix/Nixpkgs fundamentals, but unfortunately I don’t believe I can release it at the moment. What I may instead do is simply re-record a public version with some more material, since we were time limited, in any case.

I spent the majority of time actually walking through existing expressions, fixes I committed, workarounds, writing patches, and things of that nature. Of course, nobody was completely unfamiliar with Nix, so the talk was certainly geared around day-in, day-out mechanics and using things. I’d be interested in helping some people if they want to get examples, material, etc like this going.

There’s also a nice intro to NixOS here Introduction to NixOS - Brownbag by Geoffrey Huntley - YouTube

We also have made an introduction to Nix/NixOS/nixops here:

It is oriented for people that do not know Nix at all.

Here’s a really cool talk: Nix: Under the hood by Gabriel Gonzalez

I presented Nix at $WORK today, you can find the slides (the part II is still in work) at Nix Intro

Also uploaded the video at Introduction to Nix (Part I) - YouTube

You give the example of 1.6 + 1.4 -> 2.9, but the same run in nix repl returns 3. Don’t sell Nix short!

Sorry, that was a copying mistake… Will fix it :slight_smile:

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The slides are now at Servers with Haskell and NixOS
And the source of this is at

lol, @manveru I just started to write a new talk on nixos and found this thread and your link to my own old talk on

Awesome! :slight_smile: