Introduce netkit.nix, a set of working-out-of-box plugins for networking


Intended to work out-of-box without any complicated configuration, netkit.nix is a set of icebox purely declarative plugins for networking scenarios, such as versatile transparent proxy, sharing Wi-Fi through Wi-Fi.

I currently use it heavily to get over network restriction and protect privacy using transparent proxy backed by clash. Wifi-relay is also useful to provide network access to my Apple Watch and phone, because Watch doesn’t support captive Wi-Fi and sometimes captive Wi-Fi even restricts the number of devices.

Hope it could be helpful to you.

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Looks interesting! It is curious, since it seen to be addressing one of the discussed points in the User-friendly NixOS distro? - #36 by danieldk thread. Icebox seem to be providing a declarative (hence easily modifiable by programs) way of configuring stuff on NixOS, which is necessary to provide a configuration GUI for NixOS. What do you think?

Although I am the owner, icebox is merely a tool that helps different plugins (modules) work a little bit nicer through uniform exposure and built-in tools.

Netkit.nix is about user experience! People don’t want to configure complicated things (even in NixOS) which can even fail in the end. So I shipped plug-ins (modules) with simple and intuitive “API” to help them to make it work.