Investigating a package missing from nixpkgs cache

I’m trying to figure out why the ocaml package builds on my machine (x86_64-darwin) instead of downloading from cache. I’ve determined that it isn’t building on, but after that I’ve hit a dead end.

According to NixOS package search, the package is available for my platform. However, the link to Hydra on that page leads to the following message:

This job is not a member of the latest evaluation of its jobset. This means it was removed or had an evaluation error.

I can’t figure out how to find any relevant Hydrra error logs, or a record of when it started failing. How can I proceed to look into this further?

Not all package sets are build. Only the once that have something like ocamlPackages = recurseIntoAttrs ...; in its declaration in all-packages.nix are build by hydra.

I think op means that ocaml itself has no x86_64-darwin jobs and thus isn’t cached.

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That’s correct. I’m not even trying to use ocaml myself, but it’s getting pulled in as a dependency of another package.

I did find this comment (which might be what Mic92 is referring to?):

But it seems to clash with with your description of it as a dependency of another package (unless it’s part of some uncached package set–is “another package” here a member of ocamlPackages?)

I see that it’s getting built in at least some circumstances:

It’s also possible, depending on what/how you’re building (most likely if you’re working from a local nixpkgs checkout, or perhaps a pin of a specific commit depending on how you picked it), that you’re working from a commit that falls between cached builds?