Is 20.09 stuck?

I checked a week ago and could swear the milestone page for 20.09 said it was 56%. Today it says 57%. At that rate we’ll be well into 2021 before 20.09 finishes. Am I looking in the wrong place? Did something go horribly wrong?

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see: 20.09 Blockers · GitHub

Feel free to help out!

I’m brand new to nixOS (did my first install with 20.09 iso) but I also did some work with QA for the ISO images, to help out.

There’s also this thread:

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as @zie mentioned, 20.09 Blockers · GitHub is what you want to look at. Really, [20.09] plasma5: printer dialog not working · Issue #98536 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub is the only remaining blocking item, everything else is just a few hours of work before the final cut.

I took time off today to try and remedy the remaining plasma issue, as that’s our primary DE for the graphical installer iso, and I would like that to work well for users. It’s not a hard blocker as there is a work around using the underlying CUPS service here: [20.09] plasma5: printer dialog not working · Issue #98536 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub . However, I would says that it’s not a particularly great experience, and having a more native feel would go a long way for “polish”.

There’s not much other than that. I do need to get in contact with @garbas to coordinate around the changes to the website.

You are free to use the release-20.09 channel/branch; unless there’s a valid security or usability reason, the packages should remain stable.


For context behind the usage the blocker project, you can look at 20.09 Blocker Project · Issue #95269 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub .

Essentially the milestone is bloated with “goals” but nothing that would stop the release. There’s just too little people working on release tasks to properly address everything in the milestone. Not to mention, many of those items have been carried over for several releases.


That’s great news! Thanks for explaining, everyone!

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