Is Gnome supposed to detect Captive Portals?

When connecting to WiFi networks that require browser log in, Gnome does not prompt for captive portal. Firefox is smart to show a prompt, but since I have switched to Brave, which does not show a prompt, it is tedious to go into my WiFi settings to copy and paste the gateway address.

I see some references on the internet, mostly posts about how to DISABLE Gnome’s captive portal prompt. But on NixOS, I have never seen such a thing. Is there a way to enable this functionality?

If this can help, maybe you need to configure it in network manager:

Example (from 2015 :confused: )

Reference manual, that contains options from the 2015 post :partying_face:

As a workaround I usually trigger it manually by going to

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This would probably the way to do it in Nix then: flakes/nixos/modules/networking/networkmanager.nix at 9d1dda48a9f5499014e224f92249c947fde3faf3 · ShadowRZ/flakes · GitHub


Would be good to provide similar functionality in an option. Will look into this later.

(You can ping me if I don’t give the PR after half a week month :slightly_smiling_face:)


this is exactly it

Firefox uses if this helps.

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nixosTests.networking: refactor and add NetworkManager support by Janik-Haag · Pull Request #292472 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub recently added RFC 42-style settings option so a specific option is no longer needed.


I tried this. Gnome now shows a question mark when internet is not working, but does not prompt to open a captive portal login.

Hey, so I see you’re looking for an integrated captive portal for your desktop, but check this out for a quick workaround:

xdg-open http://$(ip --oneline route get | awk '{print $3}')

This command pops open your default browser and directs it to the IP address of your default gateway. If there’s a captive portal, it’ll trigger it. Super handy in a tight spot!

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You should check out captive-browser: A dedicated Chrome instance to log into captive portals without messing with DNS settings.

It’s already packaged in the NixOS repo, so all you have to do is enable it.

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This is a cool solution, I will keep it in mind

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I will give this a shot as well.