Is Intel Arc graphics card supported?

My old PC is a little bit slow now so I’m considering buying a new one. The only problem is that the one I want to choose uses an Intel Arc graphics card.

So I have a question… Is Intel Arc GPU supported?


afaik, the arc gpu drivers are included as kernel modules. You might need to use a recent kernel but it should “just work”.

I’ve got the same question.
I think I’ll have to wait a bit because I’m using zfs.
My current laptop is getting old(T540P), the new P16 with ecc and zfs and intel arc a30m comes closest to my ideal laptop. (sway => !nvidia)
But I don’t understand the trend to make workstations fancier by removing “features”

You will need 2 things:

  1. kernel support
  2. mesa support

The kernel is getting support in 6.0.

Mesa’s support has been merged to (their) master, but is not in a released version yet.


To expand on this:

It’s fairly easy to use drivers from a newer mesa version instead of the one Nixpkgs provides OOTB and, unless you have constraints like ZFS, a kernel upgrade is trivial.

is it supposed to be what about mesa

@kuwii have you seen

and i’d try it with mesa 22.3 Mesa 22.3 Tunes Intel Arc Graphics For Better Vulkan Mesh Shading Performance - Phoronix