Is it possible to have multiple boot records with different configuration for each?

I want to have multiple boot records for systemd-boot, for example, one would show the regular boot menu while the other would boot immediately into the default options. Is this possible? And where can I learn more about how I can do it?

I’m somewhat of a newbie, so I’m not sure where to start.

It looks like the option you want to look at (at least as of nixos-23.11) is specialisation. This option lets you declare another system configuration, possibly based on the configuration in which it is defined, which will show up on the boot menu. I don’t know if these extra entries stick around as new generations are created, but at least it looks like you can have multiple entries for whatever your current generation is.

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Specialization doesn’t seems to be quite what I’m looking for.

To expand on what I want, I want to systemd-boot records in UEFI, one of them configured to boot immediately into the latest nixos generation while the other is configured to show the boot menu. This way I can, in theory, not have to wait on systemd-boot unless I want to fiddle with the generations by specifically booting into that record from my bios.

It turns out that I started with the completely wrong premise. I was able to achieve the same result that I’m looking for by configuring systemd-boot with boot.loader.timeout = 0; which would skip the boot menu unless you’re holding “Space”.

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