Is it safe to always use `wrapQtAppsHook` for QT apps?


Im currently working on a pull request for ksnip which is a QT app and I got asked why I didn’t wrap the application using wrapQtAppsHook.

The thing is, it works without wrapping (I’m on NixOS so there should be no side effects here).

I’m new to packaging for nix and my approach was (after reading through Nix Pills) to add stuff that I found online or in other packages to the derivation until it worked and then stripped away that stuff again until it didn’t work to find out what was actually needed.

So of course I also tried removing the wrapQtAppsHook and added dontWrapQtApps = true;.

Now I wonder: Is it okay to leave it unwrapped or is it just good practice to wrap the app event though it works without because it does not hurt and may prevent failures in the future?