Is stuck at 19.09?


Hoping this is the right place. I got the feeling that was not getting updated, and after some searching I have noticed this line:

Does that mean that the tarballs haven’t been updated since 19.09, by any chance? Shouldn’t this be updated at every release?

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Yes, I think you’re right. Also it’s pulling from a repo that’s not updated anymore (git://

I’d probably file an issue, but let’s wait here for some time.

Using nixos-unstable channel would avoid this maintenance, but I expect the point was to reduce the uploaded amount a bit.


I believe this is fixed now (for 21.05). I checked a new tarball by

nix-build -A somePackage.src --check
# checking outputs of [...]
# trying[...]
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Indeed! Thanks for pointing out --check. I just did a test myself on texlive and it’s fetching from Good news.

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