Is there a 4k version of the simple blue wallpaper?

I like the simple-blue wallpaper:

Does anyone know if a 4k version exists somewhere?

I have spent some time trying to find one via Google and the usual theme sites, but I can’t find this one.

You may be able to create a version based on the gimp file in nix-wallpaper-simple-dark-gray_bottom.xcf, but since this seems like the source, such a version doesn’t seem to exist.

You might also be able to use some AI-upscale website, which might give good enough results.

(also, if you just want some highres nix wallpapers, check out GitHub - OulipianSummer/nixos-pattern-nord-wallpapers: A dark wallpaper with many NixOS logos and Nord coloring, they’re rendered in 4096x4096, but could be rendered to arbitrary sizes due to having .svg’s available)


no sure if this what look for . i no sure if any good on 4k display .

I could have sworn there was a repo with icons like the one in the center in svg format, which could be used to easily make higher res versions of this.

Can’t find it right now, sadly.

If you do get a good 4k version together, consider upstreaming it, you won’t be the only one with a 4k display :slight_smile:

Edit: Ah, it’s nixos-artwork, @cafkafk linked it.

You can probably find the logo here:

Then scale it to whatever size you like (svgs are awesome) and just plop it on the same blue background. If the slight highlight in the center is not just an optical illusion, it should be pretty easy to reproduce with a gradient.

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Thanks for the ideas, all.

@shjim, thanks those look better than stretching the 1920x1080 one, but the circle looks a bit smaller and off-centre, and there looks to be a bit more aliasing than 4k should have. I may use this if I can’t get the SVG working.

I’m not the best with Gimp, but I’ll try using the SVGs in the link that @cafkafk provided, as per TLATER’s suggestion. If I get anything looking half-decent, I’ll post it and find out how to upstream it.

I think this is as close as I can get to the original without losing my sanity.

Thoughts? If it’s any good, I can upstream it and the XCF.

Looks fine to me, though the gradient from the original is a bit softer. I gave it another try (this project really should be using git-LFS by the way): wallpapers: Add 4k variant of the simple-blue wallpaper · TLATER/nixos-artwork@66edf9d · GitHub

Still not a perfect match with the gradient, though, may be worth asking the original author if they still have their gradient settings from 8 years ago ;p

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That looks great! Yes, the gradient on mine was a lot steeper than the original. It was much more obvious when I looked at it on a mobile for some reason.

I think your update is spot on though. I’m more than happy using that. Shall we upstream it? I’m not sure where to put it for a PR, as the existing folder structure doesn’t seem to have any 4k stuff. We could either create a new directory called “hi-res”, or just suffix it with “4k” or something?

I have raised a PR for this: Add 4k png and xcf of simple blue by khinch · Pull Request #103 · NixOS/nixos-artwork · GitHub