Is there a new packages tracker?

I’d like to see what new packages got accepted into NixOS. I can look at the nixpkgs github repo and watch the accepted merge requests. But that’s just too much noise and updates. Even if I try to filter. Is there any queue / stats page that shows me this information?

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PR’s with a new package should be labelled appropriately, so you can just refine by that tag, Example. There shouldn’t be too much noise with that tag.

Repology can also be used to track the total number of packages, Example

There may be better solutions I am not aware of.


I’ve been approximating this by filtering in my aggregator for : init from the web feed of commits to all-packages.nix:

It’s too bad about community/community#7871. I see in the discussion there now that a project called RSSHub offers an adapter in lieu of a native feed. It’s self-hostable and apparently there’s a public instance:
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It’s still fairly new, but has been including new packages in its weekly updates.

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Thanks to you all. That are some good resources.