Is there any language package in NixOS?

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Is there any language package in NixOS?

You’re going to have to be a lot more detailed in order for us to be able to answer this. What exactly are you trying to achieve?


What “language” are you talking about?

Some packages have dictionaries, like aspell, hunspell, et al. Installing them is not uniform, and we would need to know for which spell checker you want to use which language. Also if you want to use it in your system or as part of another derivation.

If though you are asking about “localisation” packages for the system as a whole, I am not aware of anything like that. Instead just set your i18n.defaultLocale appropriately. Everything else should just adjust after a reboot.

Like french package for Thunderbird, LibreOffice, Gimp…

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Like french package

You mean UI or spell checking? Again, if you can explain exactly what you want to achieve, we can also help you.

We do build translations as part of LO, so if you’re just interested in change the presentation language of LO, you can do that via the options.

The other applications you mention might have something similar.

Again, if explain what you tried to do in order to meet whatever your goal(s) is/are interested in, we can guide you.

I believe in most cases, all translations provided by upstream are included in everyone’s installations. But some big ones like LibreOffice or Thunderbird do this separately. I’d certainly suggest to start with those i18n NixOS settings and see. There probably will be some edge cases that aren’t ideal yet, as AFAIK contributors mostly use English.

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Language pack to translate the menu in another language like french.

I don’t use thunderbird, but running it, going to settings and adding French as language took less than a minute.

Please, just tell us what you have tried and we can help you. It’s very difficult if we have to drag everything out of you.


All distributions I have used have language packs for some software like thunderbird, LibreOffice, Gimp. These packages make it possible to put the menu of these softwares in French when the language package is not installed by default. It looks like NixOs doesn’t offer these packages if you don’t understand what I mean.

As mentioned above, most applications include all translations by default. The distros you used are likely artificially splitting “language packs” out of software. We do not typically bother to do that in Nixpkgs so if you install something through Nix, the program should respect the language of your environment out of the box.

In the rare case that the software project requires installing the translations separately, it would need to be handled on per package basis. It looks like our LibreOffice package does this:

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Thanks for the answer.

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