Is there any regular casual NixOS Online Meeting?

It would love to join, if there are regular (say weekly) online meetings to discuss anything NixOS where any topic can be discussed.


There used to be a video chat every two weeks that was called office hours, but that has been put on hold for a little while I think. Unfortunately I’m not aware of any other ones at the moment.

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Would you or anyone else like to resume it (we can call it anything we like)? :grinning:

It seems to me NixOS has so much potential and has achieved so much already but it really requires close human interaction due to its rapid development.

I have the online conference infrastructure that is probably well suited for this as well.

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I’m brand new to NixOS, some kind of podcast or weekly show would be great to help us newcomers learn what is going on.

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I have been a rather passive user of NixOS for 5 years or so but I still don’t know much and I think NixOS really is best appreciated interactively with someone experienced.

For example, I recently encountered 'Home Manager" and “Overlays”. They seem very useful but all seem to be in development? (sorry if that’s not true)

Yeah count me in if timezones line up. I’m sure a number of people would join. Let me know details when you have them.

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Great, where are you? I live near Tokyo.

I’m EST (Tokyo -13 hours) so I’m available between 8 PM until 11 AM your time.

Great, if there others also interested, please say so! :grinning:

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Hopefully graham and I can get Office Hours going again, I know it’s a great thing to have for everyone.
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I would be glad to join as well! (Japan time zone)

Please let me know if you start something!


I’m in a Japan-adjacent time zone :slight_smile:


@worldofpeace great suggestion! If you don’t mind, would you please reopen? :smile:

Looks like there’s a few of us from Japan and the East Coast.


There is a nix-community mumble server at
It’s used on Thursday nights (CET/CEST) for a German-speaking virtual meetup, right now. Although mumble supports channels, so that doesn’t really matter.

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OK Ladies and Gents,

How about this?

Needless to say it’s almost impossible to serve everyone on the planet at once due to time differences… Please let me know if you have other suggestions! (I think we should be as inclusive and participatory as possible - I wonder if we can also include Guix.)

Multiple Languages can be accommodated using the “Breakout” feature of the video conference software.

Nix/NixOS Show & Tell

Free for all discussion of Nix/NixOS or whatever that matters to participants

  • 21:00JST on Tuesday, July 7
  • 14:00CEST on Tuesday, July 7
  • 08:00EDT on Tuesday, July 7

I have a BigBlueButton video conference room we can use for this

This event has been also announced at:


The video conference URL is: Show and Tell with Agaric – CommunityBridge

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Were you planning to record this?

Hi, no, I don’t plan to record this. Did you want it to be recorded?

No, that is fine. I just noticed there was a previous recording so wanted some clarification.

I’d like to join, but BigBlueButton is asking for an “access code,” what is that?