ISO name is different in SHA256 hash file


I am very new to NixOS, so if this is known, or this is the wrong place to ask, my bad.

When verifying the shasum of the latest-nixos-minimal-x86_64-linux.iso, I found that the hash file shows a different name of the image (for example:

I am not sure whether this intended, as it is generally standard to have the same name of the image in the SHAsum file, to make scripting simpler.

In short, imo this:

1b285f980ac9d92bfbc253d8b6e165ed163965b8e078f602ec55c0612fb9ba2e  nixos-minimal-23.05.2084.08700de174b-x86_64-linux.iso 

should probably be this:

1b285f980ac9d92bfbc253d8b6e165ed163965b8e078f602ec55c0612fb9ba2e  latest-nixos-minimal-x86_64-linux.iso 

If others perceive this as a small issue too, where do I report this?

Let me know!

The ISO download link and the sha256 links on the homepage are just redirects:

❯ curl -I
HTTP/2 301 

❯ curl -I
HTTP/2 301 

They redirect to files in this directory: nixos-23.05 release nixos-23.05.2084.08700de174b. Seeing that as context should clear things up :slight_smile:

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Ah, I should have noticed this. Thanks for the reply!