Issue building graalvm 19.2.1 dependency for the clj-kondo package

I’m having issues updating the clj-kondo package because one of its dependencies (graalvm) fails to build. Error log here. Here is my emacs build as well

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Did you ever end up getting this to work? I was running into a very similar error trying to install babashka, and I haven’t been able to install any version of graalvm or anything that depends on graalvm. Yet I haven’t seen anything indicating that it’s broken in nixpkgs.

My bad, if anyone else finds this from google, it turns out that the build was failing because installing graalvm was probably using up all the memory. Adding swap can fix that.

You mean like adding a swap partition to your disk? According to hydra the graalvm build is still failing. It seems that someone was able to get openjdk 8 to compile statically, but the PR hasn’t been reviewed yet. Related thread

As I wrote in the related thread, it builds for me if I have more than 25GB of main memory.