Issue with readline

Hi, I’m having an issue with accessing readline, I’ve added it to my configuration.nix, and rebuild switch to it, but when in my editor, my lsp seems to be indicating that it doesn’t exist like it can’t find the header file for it. I suppose the problem comes from the fact that clangd only look for header definition in it’s own libclang, and from my research it seems that I need to tell to clangd to look for the header by specifying a path to it, but even with the power of fzf, I couldn’t find anything for readline except for .so files, so I’m a bit confused. Also if anyone could tell me what’s the equivalent of sudo pacman -Syu llvm that would be cool, because there is a lot of different packages on the nixos unstable, and so far I’ve installed clang_18, lldb_18. clang-tools_18, but idk if that’s the equivalent of all of what’s in llvm in other distros.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: