Issues adding optinal to "libdbusmenu for signal-desktop"

I’m working on including libdbusmenu-glib as an optional dependency for Signal as this is needed eg. when using appmenu on Plasma, Xfce, Budige or Cinnamon.

So far I’ve made these modifications: but none of the following modifications to configuration.nix seems to put it info effect:

environment.systemPackages = with pkgs; [
(signal-desktop.override { enableLibdbusmenuSupport = true; })


nixpkgs.config.packageOverrides = pkgs: {
signal-desktop = pkgs.signal-desktop.override { enableLibdbusmenuSupport1 = true; };

I remember to use “sudo nixos-rebuild -I nixpkgs=~/nixpkgs switch” to fetch from my local branch.

Any ideas?

Not sure if that’s the actual problem but at least your enableLibdbusmenuSupport ? true here won’t work as expected (enableLibdbusmenuSupport is not set in the environment and I’m not sure how Bash will interpret that part). I’ll add a suggestion on the GitHub diff.

Thanks. I stick to “nixpkgs.config.packageOverrides = pkgs:” and with some modifications the package seems to build now.