Issues installing nix using nix-user-chroot on RHEL 7.9

I get the error:

installing 'nix-2.23.0'
error: removing extended attribute 'system.posix_acl_access' from '/nix/store/gnyxgh515wh3drlxrcc4ab6za22328qr-env-manifest.nix': Operation not supported
/tmp/nix-binary-tarball-unpack.lN3EWxep3A/unpack/nix-2.23.0-x86_64-linux/install: unable to install Nix into your default profile

While attempting to install nix using nix-user-chroot; I want to use home-manager. I am attempting such on redhat enterprise server 7.9 running on a university supercomputer access node from which slurm jobs are launched. According to ChatGPT 4 this is an issue with the filesystem not supporting extended attributes. It suggests a few fixes but as per usual they aren’t super helpful.
Is it actually a problem with no support for extended filesystem attributes? If not; what could it be and what are possible ways to resolve this on my end?