🧹 It's issue spring-cleaning time! (First edition/2024)

Hello all! :wave:

Let’s take a moment this spring to reflect on the past help out the project in the most trivial way.

I’m asking that everyone (yes, including you, you know who you are) looks at their own issues filed in Nixpkgs.

Maybe there’s a couple that are now irrelevant? Can you still reproduce the issues? Even better, maybe a couple have been fixed since? And the best you can do: find out you know how to solve an older one of yours, and send a fresh PR!

I just did it, and ended-up closing a few things!

Try it, and maybe use this thread to thank the people who inadvertently fixed your issues? Or say anything you think is relevant here!


DISCLAIMER: This is not an official event endorsed or managed by the NixOS community. I just think it’s a neat and trivial way to help.

NOTE: Huh, discourse allows you to write really small… neat.


Thanks for the heads up. This triggered me to look at my old issues again. I haven’t been able to close them (yet?), but did update them with newly available information. :+1:


Nice! I just closed one, now I’m at 0 open issues.


Closed 4 obsolete tickets of mine, posted 2 low-hanging PRs to close documentation issues I had.

Thanks for the reminder :). :tada: